12 July 2012

'Risk a little and bring new language into the classroom'

We meet again ! *I don't know whether we've meet or not huahua*

So here, I wanna share what I'm learning and what I'll learn in this semester. First of all, for those who don't know, just wanna tell you am in semester Three. Still young right? 'Muda belia' gituuu. Ahaks. 

What are the subjects in Semester Three?
-Language Teaching
-Critical Reading
-Pre Intermediate French
-Teaching English Grammar
-Pengajian Malaysia

So, what're those subjects about? 

*Language Teaching
It's all about how to teach students in future. We gonna go to kindergarten to observe on how the teacher teach the kids. Think about lesson plan and assume those classmates are kids. It quite boring, still I've to focus. 

*Critical Reading
We're excited about this class, don't know, maybe because of the lecturer of this subject. What we've to do? Okay, we gonna learn on how to critic a book. So it's all about reading, but don't even think it's easy. 

I do adore this subject. Since I love language, I never skip this class. Hewhew. Sociolinguistics is a subject that're relating society and language. It's not that hard, still we need to put efforts in order to understand it. What can I say, I really enjoy this class.

*Pre-Intermediate French
Again and again, we meet French. It becomes harder and harder. Know what, when you listened to the lecturer talking in French, you'll laugh. Trust me, because twas too fast and we're not understand. Don't give a damn, cause learning French will make you as a Multilingual person.

*Teaching English Grammar
I do hate Grammar, full stop. To be honest, I only got B+ for two last semesters and that B+ made my result spoilt. I don't know why, Teslians will hate Grammar and this time we've to practice on teaching Grammar. Those we need are microteaching and lesson plan.

*Pengajian Malaysia
Here we come, the one and only flower among the beetle. The only subject that we can talk in Malay. It's not like we're 'lupa daratan' or arrogant, but trust me once you're Teslian, sometimes you'll lost when you've to write or talk in Malay. It just like when you're doing your presentations in Malay, then you'll stop a few secs for thinking what's this word in Malay till your friends or lecturer help you.


And yes, one more time a big shout of 'lai lai lai lai' for those who're interested in Tesl. Am not that kinda excel student but you must know people will look up when you know this second language well. It's really fun, we've that enjoyment. Be an upcoming educator, and makes world proud of you. 

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