5 April 2012

My first love

            Love.  What is love?  Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment but for me, love is an actually a spirit that will blow us to the goodness not the badness.  Everyone has their own first love story, so do I.  I had my first love when I was born in 12 December 1993.

            I saw my gorgeous mummy and my awesome daddy as I opened my eyes on that day.  The saddest moment when I cannot wipe her tears and stop her illness for gave me birth.  I fall in love, they are smiling towards me.  They gave me all that I need such as milk, pampers and toys.  They could not have enough sleep every night because of me, pity my mummy and daddy.  As I grow up, I was sent to the best school, meet new friends and have new relationships.  When I was in primary school, I passed my examination with a good result.  However, I felt so ashamed.  My mummy was a teacher in my school at that time, but her daughter did not get such a flying colours result.  Mummy and daddy are still standing by my side, supporting me.  I love them so much. 

            When I was 16, my daddy had passed away because of Asthma.  ‘’I want to rest in peace, please take me to the living room’’  He said.  I was too tired accompanied him all day along and as a result I fall asleep at 3.00 pm.  Suddenly, my brother knocked the door and said ‘’sister, please be hurried ! Daddy is gonna be died.’’  In a blink of eyes, I jumped from my bed and ran to daddy.  Everybody was seeking for his forgiveness and so do I.  My tears cannot stop even though grandma was keeping me calm.  I cannot believe this and I threw all my things.  I lost the one who pampering me so much.  I cannot eat, I cannot sleep for four days non-stop due to over sad.  Pity mummy, she lost the one who never leave her alone, the one who always stand by her side, her supporter and her soul mate.

            It has been three years since you left mummy, brothers and I.  Your wish have become true, my daddy.  Mummy is the lecturer of Pengajian Melayu in Institut Perguruan Jitra, Kedah now.  I still remembered this, when I was 15.  ‘’Honey, don’t be too mischievous when I’m not around.  Further your studies and be like your mummy’’  Yes daddy, I will.  There is a will when there is a way and now, I am here to further my studies in Teaching English as a Second Language.  I pray for your bless every day.  Thank God, you have taught us how to be independent person, how to treat others well and how to manage time.  Alhamdulillah, we can survive and trying to accept the fact that you are not around anymore.

            Mummy and daddy are my first love, my first sight love.  My soul will die without them.  I love and miss mummy and daddy so much.  May Allah bless them, my soul.

My tears dropped when I wrote this, Ayah.
Actually, this is one of my assignment.  Short Story.

I found this when I opened my book.

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