8 May 2012

TESL Rocks !

Halluuuuuu. Since I've finished my Semester Two, I just wanna share my crazyiiahhh !
First of all, lemme introduce uolls my beloved lecturers.

 His name is Afiq. Our Literature's lecturer.
He is kinda 'suka perasan' handsome.
But, he's cool !

Oyeahh ! Miss Atikah. Teaching Grammar II.
She's so adorable and sweet.
Love to bake a cake and gibbit to her students, kau ado? HAHA.

Taddaaaa, this is my French's educator.
Thanks Madame Fatin Najlaa. See, we got a similar name.
She's so gorge !

Boom ! She's so funky and boyish.
I do love her style, wearing sandle to college.
Jyeahh, she's beautiful !

All of them are still single but not available. Waiting for aqad soon. I've no pictures for the rest and sorry ! I stole all your pictures miss and sir ! Thanks for being such an awesome educators. 

Lately, there are many SPM-leavers asking me about TESL. Lemme tell you deeply, not everything about TESL, but it's about TESL-lah.

What is TESL actually?
The meaning of TESL is Teaching English as a Second Language. Get it? It's all about teaching, mostly it's about how to teach an English. 

What will you learn in TESL?
Okay here, I wanna put a lil' stress here that every institute has different subjects. 
For instance, in UITM. If am not mistaken, UITM Shah Alam, Kuantan and Melaka, they got TESL. Still, they've Diploma in English. This is two different things.

In Semester One UITM,
1. College Reading I
2. College Writing I
3. Grammar I
4. Listening and Speaking I
5. Islamic Education Studies I
6. Malaysian Studies
7. Study Skills
8. Computer Lietracy

In Semester Two,
1.College Reading II
2. College Writing II
3. Grammar II
4. Listening and Speaking II
5. Islamic Education Studies II 
6. Literature
7. Basic Principle in Education
8. Language and Drama  

But, in my place, Kolej Poly-Tech Mara, Kuala Lumpur,

In Semester One, you'll learn,
1. Grammar I
2. Listening and Speaking I
3. Reading and Writing I
4. Study Skills
5. Psychology in Education
6. Concepts and Applications of Information Technology

In Semester Two,
1. Grammar II
2. Listening and Speaking II
3. Reading and Writing II
4. Religious Studies
5. Literature
6. Sport Science
7. French I

Since I'll proceed to Semester Three by the end of June,

In Semester Three,
1. Introduction to Sociolinguistic
2. Critical Reading
3. Teaching English Grammar
4. Principles and Practices in Language Teaching
5. Pengajian Malaysia
6. French II

So here, both of KPTM and UITM have the same syllabus but there's only two semester for foundation right? Deal.
For your information, I have a Drama in this semester and twas so great !
In Semester Four, we'll have to act in Istana Budaya for our Drama subject.
Have a nice shots !

 Get ready for French's Listening Test !

 Zaim, he's so kind and he's 'tukang tangkap gambar'

 As we finished our drama, Jyeahh !

 This is my 'gedik' partner, Syahira Rose and she always spend her money for food !

My roommate ! Fiqa nyot nyot, she's boyish and love to talk !

 They asked me and Anis to 'buat comey' and this is the result !

 Can you see how we conquer the place? Do we look like we care?

Preparation for drama. 'Apa yang penting kerjasama uhuk uhuk'

 This is what we called 'pantang nampak kamera'

 From left, Bai, Emira and who's that girl?
Ohh, I don't know her.

 Ready for shooting? Aicehhhh. 

Emira showed me the script, haha.

Thanks for giving full cooperation guys !

Yes, gonna miss you guys, gonna miss the environment.
Dear Miss Suzanna, Head of English Department, why can't we just stick in this class till practical? I don't wanna be seperated. Kinda messy, kinda 'semak perot' you know when we've to seat for ice-breaking session each semester.

For SPM-leavers, if you're interested in English Language, don't waste your time. Grab TESL and you'll know how much it's fun ! It's not kinda hard programme cause the one and only we need is commitment. It's not necessary to be an educator soon, TESL is too wider. You can be a journalist too. Trust me, you'll be 'golden child' in your place once you're taking TESL. You should be proud.

I wanna take an oppurtunity here, please do pray for me. Am facing my final now !

Rezeki is everywhere, it doesn't matter what you're taking or you'll take. The most important is commitment. I repeat, commitment cause there's a way when there's a will.
Good luck all !

Jyeahhh, Tesl-ians Rock !


  1. just enter and read some of your entry here.. wanna join kptm bloggers in my bloglist? if do, hit me back yaw... -budakpacak-

  2. Haha, abang azfar keeeee, oyeah, i will

  3. akak saya spm bi dapat C, boleh ke amek tesl kat kptm? ada interview tak?

  4. where do u taking dip in tesl actually? uitm or kptm? please immediately reply this..tqsm!!!

  5. I really wanna ask you many abt Tesl. But, how can I contact you? Kalau boleh, email pon takpe sis :)